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Why Choose Us?

Choose Stockline for your commercial refurbishment project. We have the capacity to take on large projects, a skilled workforce and a track record of success.

Whenever you look for a commercial refurbishment company, you want to be confident that the company you choose will do a good job for you. When you work with Stockline, you are making a good choice. We are specialists in commercial refurbishment with a track record of successfully completing projects on time, to specification and within the agreed budget.


Stockline Has The Capacity To Handle Large Projects

At Stockline we regularly take on large refurbishment projects.

As an ISO 9001: 2008 registered firm we work to defined and rigorously monitored standards. We have demonstrated, via the external assessment process, that our team members adhere to our procedures and work to the standards we have specified, whatever the size of the project.

We have a large team of specialists delivering our services. The team members we select to work on your project will be qualified and experienced in exactly the type of work that is needed. From working on suspended ceilings to recladding walls, we have the expertise your project needs.

The results we produce speak for themselves. Our clients also congratulate us on our work.


Stockline Always Adopts A Professional Approach

When we work on your commercial refurbishment project we will ensure that you know exactly how the project is progressing at all times. Our contracts manager and our onsite foreman will work closely with your maintenance manager, your chief engineer or your facilities manager to ensure that work is completed to specification.

Every piece of work we undertake has its own risk assessment and method statement which sets out precisely what work will be done, how the work will be completed and which members of our team will work on the job. We always work in a safe manner and follow manufacturers’ guidance relating to the tools and equipment we use. We will follow your own Health and Safety rules for work completed on your premises.

We will also work in ways that minimise disruption in your building. If your hotel’s kitchen needs to be up-upgraded during the night, so that you can function normally during the day, the work will be completed at night.



You Can Place Your Trust In Stockline

The quality of our service and our commitment to doing things correctly, that means you can trust us to do a good job.

Our ISO 9001 certification demonstrates that we consistently work to clearly defined and externally assessed standards.

We are registered with HMRC under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) and have gross payment status. Therefore, you do not risk being required by HMRC to pay the income tax and national insurance contributions of the people who work on refurbishment projects we undertake for you.

We carry combined liability insurance to the value of £10 million, demonstrating our commitment to professionalism.

Our clients regularly congratulate us on the quality of our work. They trust us and they recommend us to others.

Ready To Talk About Your Commercial Refurbishment Project?

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